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2016 Digital Humanities Training Opportunities

Last year, I wrote a post rounding up the DH training opportunities as I knew them for the summer of 2015 (and beyond). The 2016 list is quite similar. It includes, as a part of the DH Training Network:



The Point of Grad School is to Learn to Say “No”

The word

A few weeks ago, I discussed how I discovered toward the end of graduate school that mentoring is a fantasy. In short, what I mean by this is that in any advising situation both parties often have expectations of how the relationship will work and that these expectations do not always align with each other or with reality. I came to this realization after one of my dissertation readers suggested I add a bit of Heidegger to my project. (If that sounds like the set-up to an academic punchline, we…


Mentoring is a Fantasy

A fantasy landscape with a castle, Loch Ness monster, flying beast, and more.Towards the end of grad school, I learned a key lesson about academia. I was discussing a draft of a dissertation chapter with my second reader. Although not my adviser, her work was critical for the arguments that I was building about psychological trauma and technology. Toward the end of the conversation, she said something to the effect of, “You know, this chapter could really use more Heidegger.” Inside, my heart sunk a bit. “Great,” I thought, “more to read. And from an author whose work I …


It Starts on Day One

Scared Witless[This is a guest post by Bethany Nowviskie, the Director of Digital Research & Scholarship at the University of Virginia Library and Associate Director of the Scholarly Communication Institute. She has written at ProfHacker before on "The #alt-ac track: Negotiating Your 'Alternative' Academic Appointment." You can follow her on Twitter at @nowviskie.--@jbj]

Here’s a modest proposal for reforming higher education in the humanities and creating a generation of knowledge workers prepared not only t…