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Using IFTTT To Track Twitter Participation

[This is a guest post by Dan Royles, a visiting assistant professor of history at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. He’s previously written for ProfHacker on “Researching the Recent Past Online” and “Digital Workflows for the Archives.”You can follow him on Twitter at @danroyles.–@JBJ

Much digital ink has been spilled on ProfHacker about using Twitter in academia, and Mark Sample has offered prac…


How to Send an RSS Feed to Your Email Account

Recently, one of our readers wrote me that she was “trying to figure out if there is a way to have new posts sent directly to my email… When I click on the [ProfHacker] RSS feed link I just get computer language that makes no sense.” If you’re unfamiliar with the acronym RSS and would like to learn more about it, read on for some helpful links. If, instead, you’d like to learn my answer to this question, I’ve managed to figure out a workaround that emails each new ProfHacker post to an email add…


Print From Anywhere with Dropbox, IFTTT, and Automator

Broken HP Printer

If you’ve owned an iOS device, you’ve probably wanted to print from it at some point. Maybe it’s a file, maybe it’s a webpage or e-mail–sometimes, the people want their paper copies. And so Apple eventually introduced AirPrint, which allows “AirPrint-enabled applications . . . [to] print to an AirPrint-enabled printer,” at least as long as you’re on the same wifi network. Great, right?

I wouldn’t know, because I don’t have an AirPrint-enabled printer, even though it is capable of wireless print…


Aggregate Your Blogging with IFTTT

George has written twice here about IFTTT, the webservice that automates conversation among various other web applications, saving you time performing (and reperforming) relatively mundane tasks. Last September George wrote about how to use IFTTT, and earlier this month he described how to use the service to archive tweets. I’ve been using the service for awhile myself, and have found a few useful recipes I wanted to share. I’ll share these recipes in several posts in the next weeks.

Today I wan…