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Create Calendar Templates On Your iOS Device with Calendar Paste


Any calendar app worth the name can probably handle at least two kinds of events pretty easily: one-off meetings, and regularly recurring meetings. But into any academic life, there’s at least one other kind of meeting that’s also recognizable: the appointment or meeting that happens with some frequency, but not on a set schedule.

For example, department meetings sometimes wander around the calendar in order to be available to as many faculty members as possible. Committee meetings are someti…


The Humanist CFP Browser for iOS Devices

calendarThe path from “hey, that conference announcement looks interesting” to “woot! abstract submitted!” can be a difficult one. It can drive a a person to distraction, or at least to setting up complex task-management systems.

To address this problem, Adrian Zandberg has written Humanist, a simple, handy iPhone app for tracking CFPs from the various H-Net mailing lists.

Zandberg calls Humanist a CFP browser, and it’s true that when you open the app you are presented with a list of recent CFPs. But it…


Remembering More with Due and Recall for iOS

appsI will admit to a fondness for single-purpose iOS apps. I recognize that there’s a real virtue in keeping everything in text files, say, or in having one omnibus app that tracks everything in one’s life, but I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that. This morning, then, I wanted to alert folks to two new-to-me iOS apps that scratch very specific itches, Due and Recall.

Due: Reminders/Timers

There are things that I am sometimes prone to forget, but which don’t really fit into a calendar or…


Track Changes on an iPad with Office2

For many academics, the ability to track changes and otherwise make comments on a shared document is an essential part of one’s work. Many people use this word processing tool to collaborate on writing projects, and probably at least as many use it to comment on or grade student writing. For these folks, the fact that no iPad-based word processor supported track changes dramatically limited the device’s utility.

No more: Office² HD, an app that, as its name suggests, lets you edit Office documents, now supports track changes. You can review others’ comments and edits, or make your own.

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