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Fostering Permeability in Academia

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“Equality is not a credential. Equality is a task. It is what we have to do, because we are not there yet” - Sara Ahmed

“…universities often describe their missions by drawing on the languages of diversity as well as equality. But using the language does not translate into creating diverse or equal environments. This “not translation” is something we experience: it is a gap between a symbolic commitment and a lived reality.” – Sara Ahmed

I am currently reading a book entitled Presumed Incompete…


Simple Journaling on Mac or iOS with Day One

An old, hand-written journalHere at ProfHacker, we frequently talk about how to get your writing done. After all, for many of us, writing is an important part of (keeping) our jobs. We’ve frequently discussed writing software like Scrivener or Google Docs; more recently Konrad covered Draft for collaborative writing and Adeline talked about using Gingko, which is a horizontal outline and writing tool. We’ve covered methods for getting your writing done, from Billie’s look at 750words.com and Erin’s personal Rule of 200 (wo…


Browzine: Academic Journals on Your Tablet

[This is a guest post by J. Michael Duvall, an associate professor of English at the College of Charleston, where he teaches American Literature. You can find him online at his website and follow him on Twitter @duvalljm]

BrowZine is a free app — by Third Iron — for accessing and reading content from academic journals on the iPad (with versions for other tablets being developed). The app allows users to

  • select academic journals from a “shelf” display (see Figure 1.),
  • browse complete journal is…

What’s Going Well?

My training and experience as both a teacher of literature and as a personal productivity coach have shown me time and time again the value of asking simple questions. A good question doesn’t have to be long or complicated. A good question shouldn’t be an argument misleadingly packaged as a query. A good question often opens up other questions.

So here’s today’s question: what’s going well for you right now?

I like this question for several reasons:

Most people don’t spend enough time thinking o…


How to Get Started with PaperCritic (and Why You’d Want To)

84/”>critique / ★★½9″ />There has been quite a bit of press lately about the peer review process and access to journal articles, namely, how these are controlled by some of the bigger-name journals (at great expense to libraries and users). The point of this post is not to argue the rights and wrongs of review and access of journal articles. What I’d like to highlight here is a complementary service to Mendeley that can help you curate your own subsection of journal articles, including comments and reviews to…


Reader Input: How Much Per Month for Scholarly Database Access?

How much would you be willing to pay on a monthly basis for all-you-can-read access to a scholarly database like JSTOR or Project MUSE? I ask for a couple of different reasons.

For one thing, the New York Times recently began charging for online access beyond a certain number of free articles, and they’ve created a fee structure that makes no sense to me. If you use their smartphone app you pay one price, but if you use their tablet app you pay more, and if you want “unlimited digital access” y…