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Preparing Lectures for Large Online Classes

This semester, I’m teaching a fairly large (130 at final count) online course in digital media. I wrote last month about some of the strategies I’ve used to prepare the course, including thinking about replacements for in-class activities and planning a highly structured series of content. However, one of my biggest challenges has been planning an alternative to lectures. I’m used to thinking of “lecture” as a dialogue, with opportunities for interaction, connection, and breaking up the class i…


Why I Record my Conference Presentations

record stop buttons

While I was attending the ADHO Digital Humanities conference this summer, I wound up talking with several people about the shifts we’ve noticed in presentation styles within our respective disciplines. Although presenter habits vary by discipline, by field, and by conference, in my own fields of literature and digital humanities I’ve certainly noticed a shift away from the reading of written papers towards a more flexible presentation style, often accompanied by projected slides.

Back in the pr…


Streamlining Teaching Prep

mise en placeThere are many different metaphors that educators use to describe the work we do as teachers. Over the years, I’ve found sports coach, dinner party host, and mountaineering guide to be particularly helpful metaphors for conceptualizing my role as a teacher and the kinds of responsibilities it entails.

But until recently, I’d never given much thought to my teaching preparation as itself something that could be expressed and perhaps better understood through a metaphor.

Professional cooks — and am…