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College as Constant Restart: A Review of Practice for Life

rail station

Sometimes books arrive for review like a gift: a new book, on exactly the right topic, at exactly the right time. This summer, as I was preparing to teach a first-year seminar for the first time at my new school, and to teach anything at all for the first time in three years, I was delighted to receive Lee Cuba, Nancy Jennings, Suzanne Lovett, and Joseph Swingle’s new book, Practice for Life: Making Decisions in College (Harvard UP, August 2016), an intensive study of student experiences at sev…


Digital Scholarship in the Liberal Arts Tradition

circuit pen[Adrianne Wadewitz is a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Digital Learning + Research at Occidental College. You can find her online and follow her on Twitter at @wadewitz.--JBJ]

In the first post in this series, I explored “a day in the life of a post doc” at a liberal arts college, and now I would like to expand that to think about what it means to have a digital scholarship center at such an institution. Three years ago, Occidental College received a Mellon grant to examine the pos…


Questions, Questions, and more Questions: A Student’s Perspective on THATCamp LAC

[This is a guest post by Celeste Marshall Kahn, an undergraduate at Converse College. She is majoring in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing and is a member of the Converse Nisbet Honors program. Follow her on Twitter at @cellykahn. --@eetempleton]

When Dr. Templeton invited me to attend THATCamp LAC with her, I knew that it would be a great opportunity. But an opportunity for what, exactly, I honestly did not know. My head was full of questions: What are the Digital Humanities? Ho…


Organizing a THATCamp for Liberal Arts Colleges

that_campersLast week George rounded up many responses to the recent THATCamps at George Mason University and at St. Norbert College. The latter, which I helped organize, focused on digital teaching and research at Liberal Arts Colleges (or other schools that face similar challenges). We’ve written about THATCamps frequently at ProfHacker. Last year Ethan wrote specifically about organizing an unconference, and I don’t want to repeat his points here. Instead I want to focus on a few unique challenges we faced organizing LAC, and make a few points about the lessons we learned.

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Non-Humanist Report from THATCamp

Like three other Profs. Hacker, I recently attended THATCamp Liberal Arts Colleges (LAC). Unlike the three, I’m not in the humanities. Yet, I found the experience to be enriching and inspiring.

Why did I go? You can read more about that at my blog. I don’t think my attendance was too far-fetched, given my background (I double-majored in both physics and performing and visual arts, concentration in music, specializing in piano [whew, that always is long to get out, but it’s not accurate to say th…