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The Open Dissertation

Last week, Prof Hacker Lee Skallerup Bessette drove to Virginia Commonwealth University to livetweet the thesis defense of Laura Gogia (in some circles better known by her Twitter handle @GoogleGuacamole). The hashtag used was #GoGoDoc.

Some observers started asking if this was a new trend. I mentioned Bonnie Stewart’s (@bonstewart) thesis, part of which was livestreamed on Google Hangouts and livetweeted as #DrBon. I learned about different trends emerging regarding the “open” dissertation def…


Livetweeting Classes: Some Suggested Guidelines

livetweeting1At ProfHacker, we’ve written a lot about using Twitter in the classroom. Mark has written a framework for teaching with Twitter; Ryan about disposable Twitter accounts for classroom use; Erin on choosing hashtags. I’ve used Twitter in the classroom for some pretty successful assignments; particularly in the case of live tweeting films (see one of my previous assignments here). Unlike the typical passive viewing sessions, live tweeting allows instructors to directly engage in the student’s lear…


Open-Thread Wednesday: Best Practices for Live-Tweeting at Conferences?

Over the last few days, a big debate over the appropriateness of live-tweeting conference panels has taken place over Twitter under the hashtag #Twittergate. Participants shared concerns of bad backchannel behavior, the accuracy of tweets, and whether tweeted research will be able to find a publisher. On the other hand, others raised points about how livetweeting conference panels increased access to research for those unable to travel to these conferences, and that tweets could work to increase…