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Creating Your Web Presence: A Primer for Academics

This is a guest post by Miriam Posner (@miriamkp and miriamposner.com), Mellon Postdoctoral Research Associate in Emory University’s Digital Scholarship Commons (DiSC); Stewart Varner (@stewartvarner), Digital Scholarship Coordinator at DiSC; and ProfHacker’s own Brian Croxall (@briancroxall and briancroxall.net), who also works with DiSC. This post is an extended recap of a recent DiSC workshop on creating a web presence. You can watch a video of the whole workshop at the Internet Archive. Fin…


Making Academic Social Networking Pay with Amazon Associates

Antique cash register If you’re a regular ProfHacker reader, there’s a good chance that you’re invested in one or more social networks for maintaining not only relationships with friends but also with your professional network. I’m going to guess that you find real value in social networks for how they help you better research, teach, or do service—otherwise you would allocate your time differently. Unfortunately this value can be hard to demonstrate to a tenure committee (although, as Nels wrote in a post in 200…