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More-Inclusive Meetings


We’ve written a lot here at ProfHacker about making meetings and conferences better. Recently, I came across this list from University of Michigan Department of Human Resources, 10 Tips for Inclusive Meetings. The list is great for both meetings and conferences, and includes issues of accessibility and inclusion.

While it lists ensuring inclusive bathrooms, as well as requesting special accessibility needs well in advance in multiple formats, it doesn’t mention anything about preferred pronou…


Who Speaks at Meetings? Find Out with GenderTimer

Complex Balance

Nobody really likes meetings, but, at the same time, one has to work with other people. (How unpopular are meetings? It looks like US Office of Strategic Services used typical meeting strategies as guidance for how to sabotage enemy organizations.) The fact that nobody likes meetings, of course, doesn’t mean that we don’t like them in quite the same way.

A topic that I’ve tried to become more aware of recently is gendered differences in meeting behavior. Although it frequently comes labeled wit…


Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution


In personality typologies derived from the work of Carl Jung, introverts are described as people who gain energy from solitude and extroverts as people who gain energy from being around other people. Understanding where you fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum can help you understand your own energy patterns and how best to work with them within your professional and personal life. (As an introvert, for example, after attending several sessions at an academic conference and interacting with…


Schedule Meetings Anywhere with Meet


In May, Amy wrote suggested Sunrise as an interesting cross-platform calendar option, right before it was bought by Microsoft. I don’t use Sunrise myself (Fantastical for life), but their most recent version does have a feature that led me to install it: The ability to send invitations via any iOS or Android app that accepts text input.

This happens via a 3rd-party keyboard, which is called Meet. (This is ever-so-slightly confusing, as Meet is part of the Sunrise app, not a separate installat…


Share URLs Quickly with ShoutKey


Imagine you’re in a meeting, seated around a table with eight other people. You want to share a URL with them, but it’s several levels down in the hierarachy of the particular website. What do you do?

If you’re all already connected online via a shared document or text messaging, then you could just drop the URL into a message for them to click on.

But what if you’re not all connected, or you don’t know the names and email addresses of all the people you want to share the URL with? ShoutKey is …


Commit to Your Calendar


When you glance at your calendar for next week, what do you see? Is it mostly empty except for a couple of meetings on Thursday, but you know that you have classes to teach on Monday and Wednesday? Or maybe your calendar looks completely full, but you know that you won’t really get to half the tasks you’ve filled in the days with. Many of us either carry commitments in our heads that we have to think about when scheduling other events, or we have to sort through the mixed list of appointments a…


How to Easily Schedule a Meeting Across Time Zones

Online communications tools such as Skype and Google Hangouts can make scholarly collegiality and collaboration more personal than email-only relationships. But what isn’t always easy is scheduling the time for phone calls or online meetings, especially when you’re collaborating across several time zones.

International meetings can be particularly difficult to schedule, especially since different countries perform their seasonal clock adjustments (like Daylight Savings Time) on different dates.


Managing Meeting Notes with Meshin Recall

MeetingnotesMeetings, meetings, meetings. They’re part of many people’s lives, and there’s no exception for those of us in academia. Often, when we attend meetings, we need to keep notes about them.

One way, of course, is to do it the old-fashioned way: with pen and paper. Those who prefer to take notes electronically, however, might want to have a look at Meshin Recall. Meshin works in tandem with Evernote and with the calendar application on your iOS or Android device. Opening the application brings up an…


Four Ways to Improve Faculty Senate Meetings

Riveting MeetingWhat is it, exactly, that makes faculty senate meetings go awry? Elizabeth Murphy reports this morning on a few institutions that limit the length of senators’ speeches during debate as a way of trying to keep discussions lively. In my experience, the reason it’s efficacious isn’t that lots of senators would go over the time limits, necessarily, but that they speak with a limit in mind, which tends to focus their presentations.

It’s a little puzzling as to why this is news–as the story suggests…


Motivating Standing Committees

Jedi Training

If meetings are often frustrating, they are also an indispensable part of sustaining any organization of even moderate complexity. And so into everyone’s schedule, at least some meetings will inevitably creep, stealing focus from your writing and teaching. Having said that, meetings are usually associated with service work, which is at most places part of the evaluation process–even if it’s the least valued one. (On valuing service more, see last week’s Weekend Reading post, or “Bad Meetings A…