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Digital Writing Month: Striving for Inclusion in Open Online Learning

Digital Writing Month guest contributors - image created by Chris Friend

I’ve been working for some time on ideas of inclusion & (in)equality in open education, and of the possibility of a postcolonial MOOC (with Shyam Sharma), and gathering ideas from others on how to envision a more inclusive, diverse and equitable open online learning experience.

Putting Ideas into Practice

In a couple of days, I get the opportunity to see how some of these ideas work in practice, as I co-facilitate Digital Writing Month (#DigiWriMo), which is a “30-day adventure through the worl…


Weekend Reading: The End Is Near


The splashy news here at the tail end of the week is edX & ASU’s announcement that they are going to offer a first year of college. Not for free, or even for “as inexpensively as many community colleges,” but since it’s pass, *then* pay, there’s still a somewhat innovative approach to the business model. Jonathan Rees has described the offering of MOOCs for credit as “weaponized” education technology,” and I’m not sure he’…


Five Lessons for Online Teaching from Finishing a MOOC


[This is a guest post by Michelle Moravec, a historian currently working on the politics of women's culture, which you can read about at michellemoravec.com. Follow her on Twitter at @professmoravec.--@JBJ]

At the end of January 2014, I enrolled in an MOOC on corpus linguistics offered by the U.K.-based Open University’s Future Learn. CorpusMOOC, as it was affectionately known and hashtagged on Twitter, was billed as a “practical introduction to the methodology of corpus linguistics for resea…


Weekend Reading: the MOOC Catchup Edition

moocsThe latest thing that has everyone buzzing in higher education are MOOCs—Massively Open Online Courses. MOOC companies like Coursera, Udacity and Harvard edX courses offer free content to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. MOOCs have been criticized on many counts: for being an ineffective mode of instruction; for their high attrition rates; and their problematic handling assessment. Yet its supporters claim that MOOCs are an important intervention into the skyrocketing rates of college tuitio…


Open Thread Wednesday: Have You Taken a MOOC?

Regardless of what you think of “massive open online courses” (MOOCs), they are currently getting a great deal of attention in the media.

Perhaps most prominently, syndicated columnist Thomas Friedman wrote not one, but two recent columns that sing the praises of MOOCs. This morning the New York Times reports that a legislation is in the works in California to “force colleges to honor online classes” for credit, including those offered by private vendors. If passed, this legislation seems likely…


Digital Pedagogy, Play, and Mass Collaboration: An Online Event This Afternoon

From the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University comes this announcement of an event this afternoon from 1:30-3:00pm Eastern time, featuring ProfHacker’s own Adeline Koh:

Please join us for an event on MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) and play in education with Pete Rorabaugh (English, Georgia State University; @allistelling) and Jesse Stommel (English & Digital Humanities, Marylhurst University; @jessifer), editors of the journal Hybrid Pedagogy. Adeline Koh (Literature…


Warming Up to MOOC’s

VCU lecture hall[This is a guest post by Douglas H. Fisher, an associate professor of computer science and of computer engineering at Vanderbilt University.--@jbj]

In Fall 2011, Stanford announced three, free massively open online courses, or MOOCs. Two of these courses, database and machine learning, corresponded to spring 2012 courses that I would be teaching at Vanderbilt University. I recognized that I could use the lecture materials from these classes to “flip” my own classes by having students view lectur…


Join Next Week’s MOOC of MOOCs at Hybrid Pedagogy

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There can be no doubt that this has been the summer of MOOCs: Massive Open Online Courses have seized the attention of faculty, journalists, and, more infamously, administrators.

Naturally, the sclerotic, tweedy, Ivory Tower will take no notice of MOOCs until all courses that can move online will have done so, right?

Wrong! Next week, starting on Monday, Hybrid Pedagogy is launching a MOOC MOOC, that is, a massively open online course that aims to study the pedagogical and institutional implica…