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From the Archives: Starting a New Semester

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Whether you’ve already been in the classroom for a week or two, or will be heading back in September, the ProfHacker archives are full of helpful tips to start the new semester off right. Here I mention several of our back to school roundup posts, highlighting just a few of the many links each contains.

The posts linked in From the Archives: Creating Syllabi (2014) focus on the basics of syllabus creation, including technology policies, accessibility, syllabus design, and our ever-popular 11 Fa…


From the Archives: Getting Ready for the New Semester


Sooner or later, the fall semester will start — and of course for some of us it already has. Here are some tips from the ProfHacker archives to help you navigate the transition.

Getting Ready to Teach


From the Archives: the First Week of the Academic Term

Classroom The ProfHacker archives are full of useful ideas, tools, and advice relevant to the first week of a new academic semester or quarter. In addition to the posts highlighted below, you may want to check out some previous From the Archives posts on New Semester, New Year, Creating Syllabi, and Grading.

Teaching: the first week

  • Brian’s So Now You’re A Teacher is aimed at new instructors, but contains useful reminders for anyone heading back into the classroom.

  • The ProfHacker team assembled a li…


Open Thread: What New Things Are You Doing this Semester?

Open Thread: What New Things Are You Doing this Semester?New

The academic year has started for most of us. In today’s Open Thread, we’d like to ask: What new things are you doing this semester? Do you have a new assignment, class activity, teaching strategy? Are you writing something new? Learning a new technology? Serving on an interesting new committee or starting one? We’d love to hear what’s new with you in the thread below.

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Open Thread Wednesday: Teaching Resolutions for a New Semester

No Resolutions 2010I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolution making–perhaps in part because the change of calendar occurs mid-academic year, rather than at the start of summer when a new beginning feels truly possible.  For many of us, there are only a few weeks between the end of fall semester and the beginning of spring or winter term, and it’s a time more for hectic planning than total makeover.

Most New Year’s Resolutions are too big for our short breather before the next round of classes, so I’m stay…


What do you want to do differently?

The start of the new semester offers academics a fresh start: whether you’re teaching new courses or not, you probably have mostly new students in them. Perhaps you’ve changed the readings or assignments. Your daily or weekly schedule might be different from the previous semester.

Maybe you’ve also got some New Year’s resolutions you want to keep in mind this semester, or larger personal or professional goals that are a priority for you right now.

So, thinking about all of those pieces of the p…