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From the Archives: Starting a New Semester

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Whether you’ve already been in the classroom for a week or two, or will be heading back in September, the ProfHacker archives are full of helpful tips to start the new semester off right. Here I mention several of our back to school roundup posts, highlighting just a few of the many links each contains.

The posts linked in From the Archives: Creating Syllabi (2014) focus on the basics of syllabus creation, including technology policies, accessibility, syllabus design, and our ever-popular 11 Fa…


Three Words for the New Semester

One of my favorite things about the rhythms of academic life is that we get to start fresh several times a year. A new semester brings new students, new courses, new research opportunities, and the chance to try doing something a bit differently.

Here at ProfHacker, Amy’s written before about setting New Year’s resolutions to improve on the previous semester’s experience, and Anastasia’s written about setting teaching resolutions for a new semester.

To focus my intentions and actions for the ne…


Pick One Thing

So we’re almost at the middle of the month…did you make any New Year’s resolutions? How are you doing with them?

The start of a new calendar year and a new academic semester offer all kinds of possibilities. It’s a hopeful time of year as many people feel empowered to make resolutions or create new behaviors. But without making conscious, repeated choices to do something new, most people quickly fall back into their default habits and routines, especially once confronted with stressful situatio…


From the Archives: Start Your Semester Off Right


Beginning-of-semester and end-of-semester posts are something of a ProfHacker tradition, as well as the setting of resolutions for the new season. (See, for instance, last year’s From the Archives: New Semester, New Year and 2010′s Preparing for the First Week of Classes.) A few gems worth highlighting from some of these posts include:

In New Year’s Resolutions: Learning from Mistakes Edition, Amy reminds us of two key points about using a calendar to your best advantage:

  • Look at it every morn…

Open Thread Wednesday: Teaching Resolutions for a New Semester

No Resolutions 2010I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolution making–perhaps in part because the change of calendar occurs mid-academic year, rather than at the start of summer when a new beginning feels truly possible.  For many of us, there are only a few weeks between the end of fall semester and the beginning of spring or winter term, and it’s a time more for hectic planning than total makeover.

Most New Year’s Resolutions are too big for our short breather before the next round of classes, so I’m stay…