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New Keywords on Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities

Manifesto for Teaching Online

I’ve made note before (in December 2015 and last June) about the open review process for the Modern Language Association’s project, Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models, and Experiments, “a curated collection of reusable and remixable pedagogical artifacts for humanities scholars.”

There’s a new batch of keywords open for review, and they’re pretty great:


Crowdsourcing the Best Digital Humanities Content: Introducing #DHThis, the Digital Humanities Slashdot

crowdsourcing-525x350In the world of print, editors traditionally serve as a screening mechanism to ensure that only the best work sees the light of publication. In academia, peer review serves the same purpose. By relying on the judgment of other experts, a journal ensures that only certain types of work will appear within its pages. But with the advent of the Internet and easy-to-use content management systems like WordPress and Blogger, the power to publish is now in anyone’s hands. How then should the process …