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Weekend Reading: Happy Birthday to Wikis Edition

Robots like cake

March 25 is the anniversary of the first public wiki site. (Unless maybe it’s not.) Developed by design patterns in programming,

Cunningham makes no claim about the originality of the wiki platform, arguing modestly instead that it “is valuable simply because it was born widely deployed.” Having said that, by bringing together the key components of dead-simple editing (1) that’s available to all (2), plus a body of authors…


Putting Twitter to Work with ThinkUp

A File Cabinent Stretching to the SkyEarlier this week I reviewed several ways to archive your Twitter activity on your own server, using Your TwapperKeeper, WordPress, or Tweet Nest. I ended my post by hinting at another solution that I wanted share. I’ve saved the best for last, and here it is: ThinkUp.

ThinkUp is an open source PHP application and the brainchild of Lifehacker founding editor Gina Trapani. ThinkUp began for Trapani as a modest side project, which she called Twitalytic. Her idea was to create a web app that could …