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Strategies for Going Paperless

Papers to scanThe paperless life: it’s a dream for a lot of us here at ProfHacker, and we’ve certainly covered a fair number of paperless strategies for various aspects of academic life in this space before.

I’m not convinced a fully paperless life is possible; somehow, the stuff still keeps landing on my desk and in my mailbox (yes, I do still have mailboxes that collect paper mail, both at home and at work). I try, though, (a) not to generate paper and (b) to be sure that paper that comes my way doesn’t sta…


Portable Scanning with the Doxie One

Cat on Desk
While a paperless university remains a fantasy, it’s certainly the case that there has been increased interest in paperless workflows. We’ve had a series of posts on paperless apps and devices here at ProfHacker, and David Sparks’s excellent e-book, Paperless galvanized many workflow discussions. (A recent good one is Chris Holscher‘s.)

One of the devices we looked at last year is the Doxie Go, a portable scanner by Apparent that tries to unbundle scanning from computers. You could scan anywher…


Paperless Promotion and Tenure Process?

Stack of PapersAnyone who works in higher education here in the second decade of the 21st century knows that the late-20th-century idea of the “paperless office” is still a long way from reality. In particular, whenever materials need to be reviewed for an award or for promotion & tenure, print is still the medium by which those materials need to be shared–on many campuses, not all of them. Having had to generate these kinds of materials a number of different times, I can testify to the expense and tedium that…


Grading with Voice on an iPad


[This is a guest post by Doug Ward, an associate professor of journalism and the Budig Professor of Writing at the University of Kansas. You can find him online at www.kuediting.com and www.journalismtech.com, and follow him on Twitter @kuediting. Doug's previous posts have looked at finding iOS apps, what to do if your Twitter account is hacked, using iPads in the classroom (one, two) and engaging students with music.--@jbj]

One of the frustrating things I found in teaching online last semeste…


The Doxie Go Lets You Scan Anywhere

Revision MessDecades into the paperless revolution, higher education continues to be awash in paper. Student assignments, accessibility notices, memos from HR, reports from publishers–over the course of a semester, the amount of paper that can accumulate is well and truly astonishing. (The ubiquity of printers probably doesn’t help matters, either.)

Scanners can help, but they often take up valuable space, or have clunky software that makes you hate them a little, or are expensive. Even portable scanners typically require a laptop, meaning that it’s Yet. Another. Thing. to lug around campus, with another cord to keep track of.

The Doxie Go scanner (from Apparent) addresses many of these issues, in a stylish, ultra-portable form factor.

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Using DocScanner to Scan on the Go

Pile of paper

[This post is by Lincoln Mullen, a PhD student at Brandeis University and a historian of religion and early America. Lincoln is ProfHacker's newest contributor; follow him on Twitter at @lincolnmullen.--@jbj]

If you’re an academic, a lot of paper goes through your hands: books, journals, notes, committee reports, tests, papers. Previous ProfHacker posts have suggested ways you can reduce the amount of paper documents that you or your students create. Mark told us how he went paperless at a conf…


HelloFax Makes Faxing Painless (Even for Profs. Hacker)

abandoned_typewriter_fax_machineThe very idea of faxing a document seems outdated to me. I suspect that many ProfHacker readers wouldn’t willingly fax something were there any option to submit it electronically. Nevertheless, I find myself needing a fax machine several times a year. What’s more, the things that must be faxed are, inevitably, essential documents: often tied to my finances or academic records.

So I was thrilled when Lifehacker recently posted (yes, Lifehacker again!) about HelloFax, a service that allows you to …


Going Paperless in the Classroom

Shredded PaperLast week I highlighted a few of the ways I’ve gone paperless at conferences. Continuing on that theme, I want to share a few tips for going paperless in the classroom. Or at least for using less paper in the classroom.

Course Documents

When it comes to syllabi and assignments, it’s a simple matter to distribute these documents to students electronically. Because I use class blogs as the central platform for all of my courses, I simply incorporate these documents directly into the structure of t…