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Searching Multiple Libraries with the Chrome Library Extension

The Chrome Library Extension in action

Several weeks ago, I was reading through my news feeds, and came across an interesting post at LifeHacker. That post described Library Extension, a very useful Chrome extension1 that works with Amazon’s site (reports in the comments section of the LifeHacker post indicate that it works with the Goodreads site, too, though I’ve not tested it).

You can see the extension in action in the screenshot at the top of this post. The extension allows you to add whatever libraries you’d like (they curre…


Keep Track of (Public) Library Books with Library Elf

Stack of BooksMy family and I are inveterate public library patrons. Between us we have four library cards, and we visit the library several times a week, often checking out more books than we are returning. At any given time we have between 50 and 100 library books checked out. All those books are great, but with so many, and with so many different due dates, how do we keep track of them all?

My public library—like most public libraries—has an email reminder service, as well as a great website and even m…