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A Quick Look at Pocket for Mac

Reading BunnyWe’ve all had it happen: while browsing the web, we come across something really interesting. Or someone in our Twitter stream posts a link to an intriguing article. The problem is, we don’t have time to read it just then. But we don’t want to forget about it, and we’d like to have a nicely-formatted version to come back to.

Fortunately, there are services like Instapaper and Pocket (formerly called Read it Later, which Brian first wrote about a few years ago) to help us keep track of those link…


Save Articles to Read Later with Pocket

Logo for PocketThere are any number of web services and apps that let you save something online to read later. Several ProfHacker authors use these services. Brian introduced us to the concept with his post back in 2009 on “Asynchronous Reading.” AmyNatalie, and Jason have mentioned Instapaper; Erin wrote about Zite (a related application); Brian and I have written about Read It Later; and George mentioned Readability.

Read It Later recently rebranded itself as Pocket and released a substantial update. Pocke…


Reading Adobe Digital Editions on your iOS Device

E-reader embedded in a print book

If you’re anything like me, you use your mobile devices to get a lot of reading done. I use Read It Later (yes, I’m mentioning it again) on my iPod Touch and iPad to time shift a lot of the interesting web pages that I find online throughout a day’s work. I’ve used both GoodReader (which Ethan has written about previously) and more recently iAnnotatePDF (Jason covered it) to read and annotate scholarly articles, as well as Word documents. And when I feel like it, I’ve got the Kindle app, iBooks…