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What Is Your System for Documenting Work?

DocsOver the last few years, we’ve spilled a fair amount of digital ink on the importance of keeping good records. We’ve talked about what to keep, since good documentation is important whether you’re writing an annual review or going through the “tenure box” in preparation for a bid for tenure and/or promotion.

We’ve also noted the importance of keeping records up to date.

What I’m learning is that I’m likely to be able to update my records more accurately — and without it feeling like a huge tas…


Remembering More with Due and Recall for iOS

appsI will admit to a fondness for single-purpose iOS apps. I recognize that there’s a real virtue in keeping everything in text files, say, or in having one omnibus app that tracks everything in one’s life, but I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that. This morning, then, I wanted to alert folks to two new-to-me iOS apps that scratch very specific itches, Due and Recall.

Due: Reminders/Timers

There are things that I am sometimes prone to forget, but which don’t really fit into a calendar or…