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Evernote Reminders Helps You Stay Current With Your Notes

Tie a string around your finger . . .One of the best things about Evernote is its ability to store lots of different kinds of digital information. It is sometimes even praised as a digital junk drawer for its versatility. The problem with junk drawers, though, is that it’s easy to lose track of what’s in there. And there’s almost no point in storing something if it’s not easily-recalled at the right time.

Enter Reminders, a new feature (supported on Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and Mac OS X) that offers in-app and e-mailed notifica…


Remembering More with Due and Recall for iOS

appsI will admit to a fondness for single-purpose iOS apps. I recognize that there’s a real virtue in keeping everything in text files, say, or in having one omnibus app that tracks everything in one’s life, but I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that. This morning, then, I wanted to alert folks to two new-to-me iOS apps that scratch very specific itches, Due and Recall.

Due: Reminders/Timers

There are things that I am sometimes prone to forget, but which don’t really fit into a calendar or…


New Year’s Resolutions: Learning from Mistakes Edition

As I write this, many of us—myself included—are in the midst of finals week. That means, among other things, that (a) there’s too much to do and (b) our schedules are likely quite different from what they are in a normal week. Those two things can combine to cause trouble.

A case in point happened to me today (December 15). While drinking that first, all-important cup of coffee, I took a look at my calendar. I was surprised not to see a meeting on it—one for which I’d helped set the time. I’d been thinking all week the meeting was today; as it turns out, it was yesterday—and I missed it. Sigh.

Thankfully, though the incident was embarrassing, it wasn’t a catastrophe. But it got me thinking about how to avoid a repeat performance. The two things that occurred to me are really obvious, but sometimes at semester’s end I need to remind myself even of the obvious.
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Text Your Classes Easily with Remind101

can't even mouse without the phone ringing  [This is a guest post by Vanessa J. Alander, who teaches several sections of first-year composition and literature courses in the English Department at Plymouth State University. You can find her online at www.vanessaalander.com and more frequently on Twitter @mrsalander.--@jbj]

A constant struggle I have with students is their (in)ability to open and maintain lines of communication between the two of us. I quickly realized that students do not use their emails unless you specifically tell t…