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Creating Your Web Presence: A Primer for Academics

This is a guest post by Miriam Posner (@miriamkp and miriamposner.com), Mellon Postdoctoral Research Associate in Emory University’s Digital Scholarship Commons (DiSC); Stewart Varner (@stewartvarner), Digital Scholarship Coordinator at DiSC; and ProfHacker’s own Brian Croxall (@briancroxall and briancroxall.net), who also works with DiSC. This post is an extended recap of a recent DiSC workshop on creating a web presence. You can watch a video of the whole workshop at the Internet Archive. Fin…


Being Yourself Online (of usernames and avatars)

In the last two years or so, I’ve made a radical change in how I use the Internet: I try to be myself. This doesn’t mean that I’ve been shy about my love of Twitter or that I’ve tried to pretend to be something other than an academic who likes music. What being myself online has meant to me has been achieved through using one username across most of the Internet and one avatar. Oh, and that username is my real name.

I made this decision after using a handful of other pseudonyms around the Int…