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The Semester Review

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There are many urgent, practical things that need to be done as the semester winds down: administrative reports, meetings, grading, and book orders for the next term. But setting aside a few minutes for reflection offers many benefits. An end-of-semester review process lets you capture important aspects of your experience while they are still reasonably fresh in your mind so that you can learn from them.

Taking time to notice and celebrate the positive aspects of the semester is especially valu…


ProfHacker 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Hopefully you’ve noticed the subtle change in the air: the giving way of the aroma of pumpkin spice latte to the onset of the peppermint mocha. With that blessed change from decorative gourd season, mothers everywhere want to know what you’ll be getting them for the slew of holidays that close out the year. Not to fear! It’s the annual ProfHacker gift guide! Whether you’re looking for ideas for mom, your kid, the board gamer, or the reader in your life, we’ve got you covered.

And if for some re…


Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad: A Review

In the fall, I reviewed the Logitech Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad. A few weeks ago, Belkin contacted ProfHacker and asked if we would consider reviewing their Ultimate Keyboard Case. I’ve been putting this keyboard through the paces for three weeks now (disclosure: Belkin provided me with a pre-production model for review). Available in May, this bluetooth keyboard case will retail at $99 ($129 for the white version).

Out of the box, set up was very easy.  The iPad snapped  into the p…


Toshl: Reorganize Your Financial Life (with little Monster Gnomes)

It’s that time of the year when taxes are in the air. You’re probably irritated, wondering: where are my receipts? Why didn’t I document my finances better? If this rings true, it might be time to look into some personal finance software. Heather has blogged some reviews of applications that she has used earlier, and today ProfHacker reviews a fun little application called Toshl.

Toshl is a multi-platform app that allows you to keep track of your spending. When you pay for something, you can enter the expense either on its web-based application, or on your mobile phone. Toshl is multi-platform (iOS, Android, Symbian and the Windows Phone) and syncs smoothly across different devices.

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A One-Line Program as Book: 10PRINT

10print[This is a guest post by Kathi Inman Berens, who curates electronic literature and researches classroom interfaces. This year, she's co-curating e-lit exhibits at MLA and the first-ever e-lit show at the Library of Congress. She teaches at USC, where she's a Fellow at the Annenberg Innovation Lab. Follow her on Twitter at @kathiiberens.--JBJ]

Lifting up the 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 hardcover, one’s first impression is: I’d better use both hands. It’s a heavy art book compressed …


Attendance2: An Update for the Attendance App for iOS Devices

As we near the end of August, most of us are getting ready to begin a new semester and new year, if you haven’t already done so. One of my back-to-school rituals for the last several years has been loading my classes into the iOS app Attendance. The simplicity and stability of this app is one of the reasons I called it one of the five iPod Touch apps I can’t live without two years ago. And it’s not just me who loves it: Jason wrote a full review of Attendance, and Ryan later wrote about how it…


End-of-the-semester Review

Review cards

The fall semester is coming to a close. Your students are (hopefully) reviewing their semester’s work to prepare for final exams and papers. And the value of review extends on to faculty. Take some time to reflect on the semester before it’s officially over and your brain moves on.

What worked really well for each course you taught? What didn’t? What ideas did you form that could be applied the next time you teach this course? Did you tuck away any digital or printed materials that you think wo…


Using DocScanner to Scan on the Go

Pile of paper

[This post is by Lincoln Mullen, a PhD student at Brandeis University and a historian of religion and early America. Lincoln is ProfHacker's newest contributor; follow him on Twitter at @lincolnmullen.--@jbj]

If you’re an academic, a lot of paper goes through your hands: books, journals, notes, committee reports, tests, papers. Previous ProfHacker posts have suggested ways you can reduce the amount of paper documents that you or your students create. Mark told us how he went paperless at a conf…


Starting Running with the C25K Smartphone App

RunningI should probably preface this review by noting that I am not a runner. It’s probably more accurate to say that, whatever the wheezy opposite of a runner is, I’m it. As a kid, I was asthmatic and chubby big-framed, and while I’ve been without asthma symptoms for at least fifteen years, I’d say those fifteen years haven’t been accompanied by a radical transformation of body type.* I’m not totally unathletic: I played soccer and tennis in high school–or, rather, I practiced on those varsity team…


Taking Notes with the Moleskine App

photograph of a red Moleskine notebook

Here at ProfHacker, we’re not afraid to embrace the latest technologies. But we’re also not afraid to resort to an analog tool if it’s what will help us get our work done faster. But if you can combine something new and shiny that looks old and retro, well, then you’ve definitely got (some of) us hooked. So a few weeks ago when I read that notebook maker Moleskine had released an app for iOS devices, I quickly staked my territory:

Tweet announcing that I would review the Moleskine app

I’ve used Moleskine notebooks for a number of years while takin…