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Make Tutorials Easily with Clarify

Clear wingsProfHacker has a longstanding interest in tools for screen capture, screencasts, and the like. We’ve reviewed apps like Skitch (Mac), Greenshot (Windows), Screenr (browser-based), and ScreenSteps. There’s just something appealing about the ability to quickly explain technology by showing what it looks like.

Blue Mango Learning, the makers of ScreenSteps, which George raved about two years ago, have introduced a new program, that simplifies the task of annotating multiple screenshots, combinin…


Taking Screenshots on Windows with Greenshot

Fishing NetsThe other day a student needed help embedding a YouTube video onto our class blog. Within seconds I had taken a screenshot of the WordPress New Post toolbar, circled the appropriate icon, pasted the image into an email, and sent it off to the student. Immediately afterward I realized that the tool I had used—Greenshot—was worth sharing with ProfHacker readers.

Unlike Macs, Windows has never had robust screen capture abilities built right into the operating system. Windows 7 includes the little k…


Screengrabs, screenshots, screencasts and more

One of the things that’s . . . interesting about working with, say, wikis or blogs is that such work often isn’t formally supported by your local IT. They’ve got enough to do with viruses and e-mail snafus and Blackboard/Vista problems, that they can’t explain to the student how to log in to some third-party wiki provider. You need to provide those instructions, and you need to make them as simple as possible.

Step-by-step written instructions are nice, but there’s something comforting about gra…