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Open Thread: What’s Your (Digital) Activism?

Child in front of a machine

“My silences had not protected me, your silence will not protect you” —Audre Lorde

“There’s a difference between a sort of silence of complicity and a silence of listening. I think it’s important that we differentiate and disentangle the two.” —Clint Smith on Teaching in Higher Ed podcast

“the internet gives us new ways of being political actors and activists, and they are brilliant, so long as they don’t become ends in themselves.” —Helen Beetham

I started writing this post but got influen…


Portable Peace and Quiet: A Review of the Bose QuietComfort 20

4976399329_d1fd6b27b1_bOne of the things that we love here at ProfHacker is our music. We’ve had posts about using music to inspire student thinking; a discussion about the music you teach with; coverage of how Jog.fm can help you create a playlist to run with; a review of Your Playlist Can Change Your Life; and, of course, Jason’s love of all things Hold Steady. My own passion for music—both listening and playing—led to my completing a music major in college and seriously considering graduate school in musicology…