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Open Thread Wednesday: What Software Do You Refuse to Update?

A comic titled, 'An update is available for your computer.' A Linux user says, 'Cool, more free stuff!' A Windows user says, 'Not Again!' And a Mac user says, 'Ooh, only $99!'

I’ll be honest: there’s not much I like more than a good software update. When I get a pop-up telling me that there’s a new version available, I tend to click “Install and restart” faster than our new puppy hops onto the table when my back is turned. My general feeling is that new versions of things I like will be even more likely to be likable. And for the most part, I tend to be right.

But there’s an exception. I’ve been a huge fan of the screenshot tool Skitch ever since Jason reviewed it in…


Skitch for Android

Trying SkitchWe’ve written about Skitch before here at ProfHacker. It’s a very handy application for quickly grabbing, annotating, and sharing screen captures.

What makes Skitch worth mentioning again is the fact that, a few weeks ago, it was acquired by Evernote. This means a number of things:

  • Users will no longer have to pay for access to the full version of Skitch.
  • Skitch will be available for mobile platforms. An Android version is already avaialable; a version for iOS should follow in the relatively near future.

I took the Android version for a test drive, and it looks good. Continue reading