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Laptop Ban? Things You Can Do With Just a Smartphone

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I recently had a conference in London, and I was flying I direct from Cairo. The laptop ban on this route came into effect shortly before my trip and it would have been really inconvenient for me to re-route. I also heard it’s quite risky to check your laptop in the luggage (you risk theft, damage, or at least loss – until the airlines can guarantee these things won’t happen, I won’t check my laptop or iPad in checked luggage). I recently (before the laptop/iPad ban) contributed a light-hea…


Decluttering your gadgets

A neat, tidy deskIt’s still early in the year, which is often a good time to start fresh by doing some decluttering — and not just of our homes and workspaces. What about the gadgets we use daily: our computers, tablets, and phones?

I was reminded that this is a good practice late last month, when I read Anthony Karcz’s “Ring in the New Year With a Decluttered iPhone.” Though he focuses specifically on the iPhone, he makes a key point that applies to other phones as well — and to computers and tablets:

Old apps,…


How to Have Two GV Numbers Connected with One Phone, and Why You Might Want To

ThiVoicemails isn’t the first post about Google Voice that we’ve run here at ProfHacker. Ryan’s written about it on at least three occasions. In one post, he explained how (in conjunction with FaceTime) he used it to keep in touch with his family while he was out of the country. He’s also used it to make long distance calls in places where cell coverage is poor.

The post that first got me intrigued about Google Voice, though, was Ryan’s introductory post on the service (can it really be three years ago a…


Methods for Organizing Your Apps

8630623522_16d6a90bf1_mProfHacker has featured several posts about various mobile apps. See for instance the Open Thread Wednesday dedicated to (y)our Favorite Weather Apps, guest author Ian MacInnes’s post on “Finding the Best iOS App for Annotation and Note-Taking,” and my previous post on GradeBook Pro to name just a few.

But once you have all of these apps, what do you do with them? Or how do you organize them so that you can access them quickly and easily? Are you someone who has a dozen different screens that y…


MobileMouse Pro: Use Your SmartPhone to Give a Presentation

I gave a presentation at a recent conference in which I did not use presentation software to advance from one slide to the next but instead demonstrated a few things about setting up and using WordPress for teaching and learning. There was no podium, so I couldn’t just stand in front of my computer and use the keyboard and mouse. Instead, I put my laptop (hooked up to the projector) on a nearby table and used an app on my iPhone to control the computer. After my presentation, a few people came u…


Path: A Twenty-First Century Geotagging Journal

Have you ever wanted to keep a digital history of where you’ve been? I found a solution to this a few months ago with Path, an interesting new application for the iPhone and Android introduced to me by my new colleague Victoria Szabo (@vszabo). Path is a free application that allows you to easily “tag” yourself, pictures, and videos at locations around the world.

The most useful thing about Path is its geotagging capabilities. When you create a “moment” on the app (which can be a photograph,…


WhatsApp: Get Rid of Your Text Messaging Plan

Smartphones can be expensive. And messaging plans even more so over the life of the contract. Enter a new way to reduce your monthly cellphone bill: applications that send text messages over the Internet, eliminating your need for overpriced text messages by your phone carrier.

On my trip to Asia this summer, I discovered that many of my friends in Singapore have abandoned their text messaging plans in favor of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a cheap mobile messenger application ($0.99 in the Apple App S…


A Home for Your Smartphone

This is the latest entry in my irregular series of blog posts about simple little things that make life easier. I’ve advised you on how to keep track of your keys, explained why rubber bands make great additions to dry erase markers, given a nod to my favorite multi-purpose tool, and–most recently–confessed my love for the humble velcro tie.

Earlier this summer I bought a smartphone holster that attaches to the shoulder strap on my backpack, allowing me to avoid having a somewhat bulky phone in …


Amazon’s Cloud Reader

As promised earlier this week, today I’ll introduce you to Amazon’s (other) new service, the Amazon Cloud Reader.  The Cloud Reader was unveiled on August 10, and unlike Kindle.Amazon.com, this service is one that actually has gotten some stage time on the Amazon homepage.  But stage time is about all it has gotten. By this, I mean that while Amazon features the Cloud Reader prominently on its homepage, you actually ge surprisingly little information about it until after you’ve installed it.  A…