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Attending to Smartphone Apps

The app economy, we’re told, is “bigger than Hollywood.” Apple likes to boast of how many jobs its app store has created, and even the president exhorts the young folks to program their phones, not just play with them.

Yesterday, The Verge published a great story by Casey Newton on the collapse of the app store’s middle class, where all those “bigger than Hollywood” dollars go to an increasingly concentrated set of firms, mostly in gaming, messaging, and entertainment, and the vast majority of …


Android Apps for the Classroom

Two weeks ago I asked readers to share their favorite iPad apps for the classroom, and the comments thread now features several good suggestions. However, here at ProfHacker we’re not interested solely in the iPad as a teaching and learning tool; we’ve also written about Android devices. See, for example, Amy post on “Android for Academics,” Natalie’s “From the Archives: All About Android,” and Ryan’s 3-part series on switching from iOS to Android.

As Amy points out, the Android for Academics s…


Replacing Stock Smartphone Apps

Nexus 4With smartphone ownership becoming increasingly common (according to a study released earlier this summer, 56% of all adults in the U.S. own a smartphone; among mobile phone owners, that figure climbs to 61%), it’s no great surprise that many of us are now regularly using a smartphone as part of our workflow.

Each smartphone platform has a dizzying array of applications available, but has stock applications for the functions most people use most frequently (email, calendar, camera). If the stock…


Vlingo: The Virtual Assistant for Smartphones

Vlingo Open ScreenFinding new tools to improve productivity is one of the things we do best around here at ProfHacker, and Vlingo might be one of those tools even though it’s not exactly new.  Vlingo, a voice recognition program for many smart phones, is billed as a “virtual assistant” that can “turn words into action.”  Vlingo uses accurate voice recognition technology to help users stay connected with the people, businesses and activities through texting, emailing, and searching.  Vlingo can also connect users…


From the Archives: All About Android

Early in the life of ProfHacker, Julie Meloni wrote about how her Droid helped her to be more productive and offered key advice for anyone considering purchasing a new smartphone:

I offer this piece of advice: go to the store and hold it. If the device has so much potential, the only way to tap that potential is to actually use it and be comfortable doing so. If you are uncomfortable with your phone, you won’t be as productive. It has to feel right.

It was almost a year ago that Amy wrote iPho…