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Kindle.Amazon.Com: Social Kindling

A little over a week ago, I received a curious message from Amazon.com.  I was confused at first because I had not placed an order, and unlike many other retailers, Amazon doesn’t send me random “sale-mail.”  My uncertainty grew when I opened the message to learn that one of my Twitter followers was now following me on Kindle.  Following me on Kindle? Huh?

Many of us at ProfHacker are fans of the e-reader. Kindles and Nooks have made appearances on both of our Holiday Gift Guides (2009 and 2010)…


Unfriending for Sanity

sanity_signA few weeks ago, I decided to take the word “friend” seriously in regards to my Facebook account. Looking through my friends list, I realized that my “friends” included actual friends and close family members; along with distant cousins; acquaintances; colleagues; folks I met once at a conference; folks I barely spoke to when we attended high school together; and even folks I only know through another social network, Twitter. I should add that my friends list did not include students; my policy …