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My Tech Stack for Public Talks

A young boy giving a public talk at a microphoneWhether you like it or not, public speaking is a big part of what we do in academe. There is of course the teaching that makes up a large part of many of our jobs. But then there are the more formal speaking requirements of the job: conference presentations, job talks, and — hopefully — invited keynotes. Whether you’re an introvert or not — and Bill Pannapacker is correct that academia is a place that perversely attracts and then screens out the introverts — you inevitably want to do your best. …


What’s Your Speaking Fee?

A row of deer garden statuaryI’m going to guess that most of us didn’t go into academe for the money. Given the market forces at play in hiring in higher education, you might have been tempted to not even negotiate when offered a job. (Of course, you should always negotiate.) Perhaps that’s why questions about money are often difficult to answer when we encounter them.

Recently, I’ve been flattered to receive a number of invitations to give talks or lead workshops. While some of these engagements are compensated with simply…


Open Thread Wednesday: “Just Say No”?

A stenciled A few weeks ago, I received a kind invitation to come and speak at another institution. Everything about the offer seemed promising. The topic was right in line with my current interests; the person who invited me is someone I consider a good friend and mentor; the travel would take me to a city where I have some family members; and there was even the offer of a stipend that would pad the budget of something our family is saving for at the moment. But in the end, I said “no.”

Despite the fact th…


Find Your Full Voice

Full Voice coverBarbara McAfee’s new book, Full Voice: the Art and Practice of Vocal Presence, presents an engaging and accessible method for exploring and expanding how you use your voice. McAfee is a voice coach and singer/songwriter whose approach to understanding the human voice and its role in communication goes far beyond simple lessons in how to project your voice more effectively in a large classroom or how to avoid vocal strain (although you’ll learn those things from her book as well).

Instead, Full V…