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Going Digital With Annual Review, Tenure & Promotion Materials

The ubiquitous tenure binder, serving as documentation of one’s academic endeavors, is gradually being replaced by digital processes that involve significantly fewer hours spent on printing and copying. If your university has recently switched over to a digital system, or if you’ve just started at an institution with a digital materials submissions process, you’re probably in a position where you’ve got a lot of papers and files sitting around in need of scanning and organizing. This was my pos…


On the Importance of Process

CandlesIt’s been an interesting few months in academia, and not in a good way. Two institutions of higher education — Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois and Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland — have found themselves in turmoil.

Both stories are well known at this point.1 At Wheaton, Political Science Professor Dr. Larycia Hawkins made a statement about the relationship between Christianity and Islam; concern about the compatibility of her statement with the College’s Statement of Fai…


Safety Nets and Planning for Tenure

safety netTalking about planning for tenure seems very much like the ultimate Old Academe Stanley trait, since the vast majority of college and university faculty today are contingent. And to make matters worse, having recently given it up, I have probably ceded a certain amount of turf in talking about tenure. Still, I’ve been bugged by something for a few weeks.

Last month, on episode 43 of the CMD+Space podcast, Myke Hurley and Merlin Mann (who we love) briefly mentioned what they characterized as the…


Making Digital Collaboration Visible

Tenure[This is a guest post by Adrianne Wadewitz, a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Digital Learning + Research at Occidental College. Find out more at her homepage and follow her on Twitter at @wadewitz.--@JBJ]

In my first two posts in this series, I described a day in the life of digital humanities postdoc at a liberal arts college and digital scholarship in the liberal arts tradition. In this post, I will explore the question of how one develops as a scholar and a professional academic…


Paperless Promotion and Tenure Process?

Stack of PapersAnyone who works in higher education here in the second decade of the 21st century knows that the late-20th-century idea of the “paperless office” is still a long way from reality. In particular, whenever materials need to be reviewed for an award or for promotion & tenure, print is still the medium by which those materials need to be shared–on many campuses, not all of them. Having had to generate these kinds of materials a number of different times, I can testify to the expense and tedium that…


Defending Peer Evaluation and Tenure Against Management Discretion

Wayne State University campus

A disturbing development during ProfHacker’s summer vacation was the Wayne State University administration’s proposal, made during contract negotiations, to effectively eliminate tenure.

If you missed this story, you can get a good overview of the situation here, or you can read direct summaries of the negotiations here.

While the associate provost quoted in the Inside Higher Ed story characterizes the union as scaremongering, it’s worth pointing out that the university hired a lead negotiator…


Getting Your Digital Work to Count

A plush doll of The Count from Sesame Street

Here at ProfHacker, we regularly write about the stages of professional life in academia. One of the most important–and therefore the most stressful–is preparing for promotion and tenure. George wrote about this subject last week; Anastasia has had advice about starting a tenure box; Nels has covered writing annual reviews; and Natalie recently featured a list of our posts on annual reviews and CVs.

Of course, ProfHackers also tend to like digital tools, both in our teaching and research, and s…


Preparing for Promotion and Tenure

Last week, Natalie published “From the Archives: CVs and Annual Reports.” Well, I was planning on publishing a post this week about “Preparing for Promotion and Tenure,” but it turns out that I’ve been beaten to the punch. (That’s just as well, given that my post was going to share the three most important pieces of advice I’ve received while the post I’m referring to contains ten.)

In “Top 10 Strategies for Preparing the Annual Tenure and Promotion Dossier,” Joy J. Burnham, Lisa M. Hooper, and Vivian H. Wright provide advice designed to “assist junior faculty prepare an annual tenure and promotion dossier that best demonstrates and documents competencies in teaching, research, and service.”

What follows is an excerpted version of their list of ten strategies:
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From the Archives: CVs and Annual Reports

paperAlthough the academic curriculum vitae (CV) and annual activity report often differ in scope and format, both documents attempt to describe and/or document the range of professional activities faculty and staff perform. On some campuses, the annual report may in fact consist only of an updated CV; on others the CV is only one part of an annual reporting effort that may also involve the completion of forms or spreadsheets.

Although updating and completing these documents can feel like a chore, es…


Keeping Up With Your Records


We’re already a month into the new year, and planning for next semester may well be underway at your university–with annual deadlines and reviews right around the corner. In the hectic transition between semesters or with the holiday rush, it’s easy to have lost sight of well-meant plans to keep better records and update files regularly. But while 2011 is still fresh in your memory, it’s a great time to catch up on records. Here are a few strategies for revisiting your tenure box or other perso…