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What Kind of Textbooks Do You (and Your Students) Want?

We’ve written several different posts over the years about textbooks, both printed and electronic.

Erin wrote about the pros and cons of using a Kindle in the classroom. Natalie shared some observations about students who use their cell phones as their e-readers. Amy experimented with ditching textbooks for a class and updated us on the results. Jason provided some advice about textbook costs and classroom ethos. I asked for some feedback and examples of how ProfHacker readers actually use elect…


Reflections on the Apple Education Event

I had the opportunity to spend this morning with the Chronicle‘s Jeff Young, live-tweeting from the Apple Education announcement event. As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, today’s announcement included:

  • the release of the iBooks 2 app for iOS, which allows for rich multimedia interactive textbooks;
  • the launch of the Textbooks category in the iBooks store, including an already-available collection of high-school texts priced at $14.99 and under;
  • the release of the iBooks Author application fo…