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#TooFEW: Feminist People of Color Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon on Friday, March 15 (2013) from 11am-3pm EST

feminist wiki edit a thonHave you ever wondered why there are few instances of detailed entries on women and gender studies, disability studies and on people of color on Wikipedia? Wikipedia itself has noted its own systemic bias–Wikipedians are by and large privileged, educated Anglophone males who might not consider these fields worthy subjects to annotate. According to the Wikimedia Foundation’s study in 2011, only 13 per cent of countributors to the site were female. Claire Potter has pondered about this in a recent…


Announcing Three Digital Workshops at the 2013 MLA

Boston MBTA train outside Boston Garden[This is a collaborative post written by Brian Croxall, Ryan Cordell, and Adeline Koh.–@bc]

As of this week, registration for the 2013 MLA Convention has begun. While there is always lots to do at the convention, we want to draw your attention to three associated events that you may want to sign up for as well.

1. A Digital Pedagogy Unconference

If you would like to talk with other people working in the modern languages about different methods, philosophies, or assignments for integrating digita…


Overcoming Session Proposal Anxiety at THATCamp and Beyond

THATCamp Fairfax 2010Summer is a prime season for conferences—and unconferences—and several of us here at ProfHacker are packing up for a THATCamp this summer. Getting ready for an unconference can feel very different from the usual conference, and not just because of the t-shirt and short dress codes. There’s a final obstacle that’s been on my own to-do list all week: writing a session proposal. In a traditional conference, we write our abstracts or even complete papers and posters months to a year in advance, …


Great Lakes THATCamp 2012

Twitter GLThatCampIt’s no great secret that many of us here at ProfHacker are huge fans of the THATCamp series of unconferences; we’ve written quite a lot about these gatherings—and there’s really no reason to change that pattern, is there?

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend this year’s Great Lakes THATCamp, which was held on the campus of Western University in London, Ontario. Over 80 campers attended.

Like many THATCamps, this one had workshops (or “bootcamps”) as well as regular sessions. These…


Returning to Play at THATCamp

There’s a lot about THATCamp that’s inherently playful: as participants show up early to vote on sessions and let the structures evolve as needed, it turns the traditional conference model on its head. Last weekend at the University of Maryland, THATCamp Games embraced the combination of play and games and brought together nearly one hundred professors, graduate and undergraduate students, archivists, librarians, game designers, alt-ac professionals and more to brainstorm and build ideas surroun…


What Is Publishing? A Report from THATCamp Publishing

[This is a guest post by Adeline Koh, an assistant professor of literature at Richard Stockton College, New Jersey. Her research and teaching interests are in postcolonial literature and theory, 20th century British literature, African and Southeast Asian literature, global feminist theory, and the digital humanities. She is currently the director of The Stockton Postcolonial Studies Project, an online magazine on postcolonial studies and the digital humanities. Find her on twitter at @adelineko…


Where Are the Philosophers? Thoughts from THATCamp Pedagogy

plato[This is a guest post by Peter Bradley, associate professor of philosophy at McDaniel College. He works primarily in philosophy of mind and cognitive science, but most recently has been developing digital tools to support critical thinking instruction across the curriculum.  You can find him online at >his website and on Twitter at @pbradl42.--@jbj]

A few weeks ago, I attended THATCamp Pedagogy, where I met loads of lovely humanists, each of whom is doing fascinating things with digital tools to…


The Politics of Digital Pedagogy: a Report on THATCamp Pedagogy 2011

THATCamp Pedagogy[This is a guest post by Roger Whitson, a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Digital Scholarship Commons (DiSC) at Emory University. Roger blogs on his website, on Emory U’s Library blog, and on Teaching Romanticism - and can be contacted via email at rogerwhitson [at] gmail.com or via Twitter @rogerwhitson.–@jbj]

I’m amazed at the diversity I find at different THATCamps. I’ve attended three THATCamps thus far (SE 2011, CHNM 2011, and now Pedagogy 2011), and each one has been very different. All…


Announcing THATCamp HBCU

Many a conversation was had this past summer regarding diversity and the digital humanities. (Follow the links mentioned here, for example, and check out these session notes from THATCamp CHNM 2011.)

In June, Michelle Kassoria of Clark Atlanta University proposed organizing a THATCamp targeted at historically black colleges and universities. Earlier this month, Michelle announced that planning is actively underway and that she and her collaborators would welcome input and assistance from others.


THATCamp Games: Applications Now Open

Old School AtariThere are a number of great THATCamps planned for the coming school year, including a few themed THATCamps such as the upcoming THATCamp Pedagogy and THATCamp Publishing. Themed THATCamps are a great opportunity for focused conversations that are still unconferences: free events with spontaneous collaboration and conversation instead of reading papers. In this spirit, along with Amanda Visconti, I’m co-organizing THATCamp Games in January. Registration opens today. If you find games in the class…