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Ten Tips for Tweeting at Conferences

A nest-shaped bowl with buttons with Twitter logos, a hash and @ signIt’s no surprise that we here at ProfHacker like Twitter. We’ve covered how to start tweeting (and why you might want to) and practical advice for teaching with Twitter. I’ve found Twitter to be a tremendous boon to developing my professional networks and helping me stay on top of what’s happening in my fields of scholarship. But there’s one place where where Twitter perhaps ends up being more valuable for me than other place: at conferences.

Tweeting at conferences is a great way to share what …


Extend Your Tweets’ Life with Echofon and Buffer

tweetItems shared over social media have a perverse temporality. On the one hand, it can feel as though nothing on social media is ever forgotten, at least if it is humiliating. Your past can always be held against you. On the other hand, links and news shared via social media are shockingly ephemeral. Bit.ly has said that most links have a “half-life” (the time by which they will get half of the clicks they ever will get) of around three hours. A marketing firm said in 2010 that for active engagemen…