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1Keyboard to Rule them All

Cobble stones arranged in such a way that they resemble a keyboardLast fall, I finally got a smartphone. There was a lot to like about suddenly being able to get to my email, contacts, and maps while traveling on the New York subway system. And I could suddenly start making use of all those great ProfHacker tips for using my smartphone.

But there was one thing that I didn’t like as much: the keyboard. Despite being dumb, my previous phone had a full QWERTY keypad with physical buttons, and I had been able to send text messages and tweets faster than anyone rea…


Learn Your Keyboard Shortcuts

A black Mac keyboardIf you’ve been reading ProfHacker for a while, you probably know that one of our primary goals is to talk about those things in academia that people simply don’t talk about. If you’re here–so the logic goes–you must already understand <insert topic of choice here, like which are the prestigious journals in your field>, and so we won’t bother to teach you these things. But these things are important; it turns out that knowing the hidden information of the university is a really powerful way to ma…


Conquering Special Characters with CharacterPal

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Anyone who’s spent some time working on a typewriter can tell you that one of the great things about a computer is how easy it is to type special characters. By “special characters,” I mean those symbols or accented letters that aren’t part of regular use in English but that come up plenty often in your scholarship. Instead of typing an “e” and then trying to position the paper so you can strike an apostrophe on top of it, you can just use a combination of keys to generate the perfect “é.” Much…