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Accessibility in a Digital Age 1.3

This is the third installment in what I used to call “Accessibility in a Digital Environment,” a roundup of links to information about making digital resources accessible to all people. (Here is the first roundup, and here is the second.) For today’s post, I’ve decided to focus on links to information about upcoming meetings devoted to the topic. There are many events scheduled over the next few months:


Using Open Space Technology to Organize Meetings and Unconferences

Open Space Planning[This is a guest post by Jon Voss, the Historypin Strategic Partnerships Director at We Are What We Do. He most recently organized the International Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and Museums Summit, an Open Space-run meeting funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities, hosted by the Internet Archive in San Francisco. Follow him on Twitter at @jonvoss.--@jbj]

I’m not much of a conference person, I have to admit. I have a hard time sitting…