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Draft for Collaborative Writing

DraftIt seems like new online services for collaborative writing are emerging all the time. After a series of postings about the powerful collaborative capabilities of the GitHub platform, used for writing code by programmers around the world, I suggested that this opens up the possibility for radical new ways to engage in academic scholarship and explore ways of forking the academy. For this to even stand a chance though, we need writing platforms that work better for our needs than the steep learni…


How to Fork a Syllabus on GitHub

A few weeks ago Brian wrote a great post on “Forking Your Syllabus.” Borrowing from discussions with Kathy Harris and Trevor Owen, Brian advanced the idea that

syllabi could learn a trick or two from GitHub. GitHub is a repository for open source code that supports version control . . . . What this means in plain terms is that developers can share code using GitHub and then other developers can add on to that code, with the repository tracking all the changes. If a developer wants to take a pie…


GitHub for Mac

GitHub for Mac logoVersion control is a powerful way to keep track of changes to your code or documents. Julie’s “Gentle Introduction to Version Control” from last year will introduce you to the basics. Most version control software, like Git or svn, has to be used from the command line. We’re not afraid of the command line at ProfHacker (see our ongoing guide), but if you’re just learning version control or if you’re using version control only occasionally, it can help to have a visual tool.

GitHub has released a…


Consider Revision Control Methods for Documents

finder litterBoth the concept and practice of revision control (also known as version control) are near and dear to my heart; a body of work as a technical writer, programmer, and project manager before moving over to academia made sure that particular personality trait was deeply ingrained. But during my time as a graduate student—when one might argue my sole purpose was to produce documents of one type or another—I completely lost touch with roots. For some reason, it didn’t occur to me that everything I…


A Gentle Introduction to Version Control

Here at ProfHacker we’ve written a lot about backups, but never about version control. In fact, when I recently wrote “A Few Ways to Back Up Your Website”, I specifically said “I’m not going into things like version control software.” You see, for a lot of people there’s something about the phrase “version control” that makes it sound all super high tech, possibly scary, and definitely something only software developers would need to use. Well, it is pretty high tech on the back end, and s…