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Like Privacy? Try Brave

The swing of a soccer player

Serendipitous discovery is not just for apocryphally wandering through library stacks–sometimes you can stumble across a cool tool, as well. Friday offered just such an occasion: I was working through Moacier P. de Sá Pereira’s The Javascripting English Major (recommended in Weekend Reading), and in the first chapter I discovered a new-to-me-web browser: Brave.

Brave is a recent-ish browser (1.0 release last year), developed by a team led by Brendan Eich (who invented JavaScript) and Brian Bond…


A Brief First Look at Chrome Apps

Chrome appsApplications designed to run in Google’s Chrome browser are nothing new. Last week, though, Google added a twist: they introduced a “For Your Desktop” section. Unlike other applications previously available in the Chrome Web Store, Chrome Apps are designed to work offline — and to work outside a browser.

Writers at The Verge and PCWorld have already written fairly extensively about Google’s move and what it might mean for the future of the Chrome platform, so I’ll refrain from offering comment o…


The New Web Timeline Tool in Town

TimelineSetter ExampleThe coders over at ProPublica, a leading source for independent investigative journalism, have released their new TimelineSetter tool under an open license. The tool takes a list of comma separate values (you can follow their example) containing the content for the timeline and spits out a web page to display it, complete with the various additional files needed to display it on any old web server. When these files are uploaded to your server the result are timelines that look like this.

Sounds …