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Teaching a Domain of One’s Own with Reclaim Hosting

Astronaut Eugene Cernan salutes deployed U.S. flag on lunar surface

One of the many things I’m excited about this semester is a new seminar called Hacking, Remixing, and Design. I’m trying a bunch of new ideas, including students registering their own web domains, which they’ll use as home bases for the various digital projects we work on throughout the semester. The idea of a domain of one’s own is nothing new—the University of Mary Washington has had a domain program for students for several years now. What’s new is the service I’m using: Reclaim Hosting.



Getting Started with Drupal

Drupal soupOver the last few years, we’ve written a lot about maintaining an online presence. When that presence takes the form of a website, WordPress is one of the most commonly used tools for building (whether you download and install it yourself or decide to use wordpress.com instead). It’s certainly a ProfHacker favorite.

There are times, though, when creating a web presence involves not only running a blog and/or posting relevant professional information, but also hosting a full-blown digital project…


Do You Need Your Own Website While On The Job Market?

Suppressing a Lacanian joke . . . [This is a guest post by Jentery Sayers, who recently completed his PhD at the University of Washington and is now an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Victoria. He previously wrote on "Integrating Digital Audio Composition into Humanities Courses." He is @jenterysayers on Twitter.--@jbj]

Over at Crooked Timber back in June 2008, Eszter Hargittai wrote: “I’ve been continually surprised over the years about how many academics fail to take advantage of the Web as a medium for dis…