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Switching to a Tiling Window Manager, and Why You Might Want To

Screenshot of i3 window manager

[This is a guest post by Nabeel Siddiqui, a doctoral candidate in American Studies at The College of William & Mary, where his research focuses on personal computers and the intersection of the public/private sphere. You can find him online here.--JBJ]

If you a watch a Mac user use a Windows machine or vice versa, you know how attached people can become to their operating systems. The frustration when people try to switch, however, has little to do with the underlying structure of the systems t…


The Slate Window Manager for Mac Power Users

WindowsYour computer’s user interface is based on one metaphor or another. (At least, it is if you’re not typing just 1s and 0s into your computer.) More than likely your computer operates on the “windows” metaphor, even if you use a Mac. Documents and applications float across the screen, and you click and drag to arrange the windows on your screen. The trouble with the window metaphor is that every second spent arranging windows is a waste of time. I find this to be a frequent source of frustration, …