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From the Archives: All About Text

alphabet crackersNot surprisingly, the writers at ProfHacker have thought quite a bit about the software tools they use to write.

Here’s a collection of posts from the archives that focus on the use of plain text editors and alternative word processors.

Text Editors

Lincoln describes text editors like Vim, Notepad++, and TextWrangler as Writing Power Tools that are stable, efficient, and promote good writing habits.

Jason discusses Notational Velocity, a Mac plain-text note app that is can be used for idea captu…


Markdown: The Syntax You (Probably) Already Know

Writing Markdown in nvALT

There’s a simple idea about productivity and writing: almost anything you need to do, you can do in a plain text file. By a plain text file, I mean a .txt file that contains nothing but text without formatting—the kind of file that your PC probably opens in Notepad and that your Mac opens in TextEdit. (Linux users already know what I’m talking about.)

There are a lot of reasons to love plain text. We’ve mentioned some of them in earlier ProfHacker posts, such as Alex’s about JDarkRoom and Jason’…


(Prof)Hacking the ultimate word processor


A while back, I wrote about pursuing something called Techno-bliss. I had described it as a system where you imagined a perfect technological system built around a primary goal My own version of Techno-bliss was a workstation that could live on several machines, using the majesty of the cloud and google docs. In the time since, my needs have gotten a little more specific, and recently I’ve discovered a home-brew, mobile, lightweight and (most importantly) free word processing system that I find…