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‘Accessibility Ready’ WordPress Themes

Long a fan of the content-management-system software WordPress, I’m encouraged and impressed by the developers who are working to make WordPress as accessible as possible to a wide variety of users (including people with disabilities). Last month, I explained the basics of Joe Dolson’s WordPress Accessibility plugin.

Today, I’d like to draw your attention to the WordPress themes that have now passed the “Theme Accessibility Audit” guidelines (still in draft form) from the WordPress Accessibilit…


Weekend Reading: Disability and Accessibility Edition

IntelliKeys keyboard

An Intellikeys keyboard, featuring a variety of layouts for users with limited mobility.

Here in the United States, another week of extremely cold weather has passed, but at least the days are getting longer, providing us with more sunshine. (Okay, I like to tell myself that this makes a difference…) Below I’ve provided you with five interesting reads for the weekend, all of them related to issues of disability and accessibility.

The Privilege of Snow,” by Kara Ayers (@DrKaraAyers):

While anyo…


Make Your WordPress Site More Accessible

Like many blogs, ProfHacker runs on software called WordPress, and we’ve written many posts over the years about this software. WordPress is a great tool for creating a variety of different kinds of digital resources. An important issue to consider when creating a digital resource is how accessible it is to a diversity of users — including, but not limited to, people with disabilities. (For a consideration of the various reasons why, read “Why: The Case for Web Accessibility.”) However, if you’…


WordPress Accessibility Team

Here at ProfHacker, we’ve written a great deal about WordPress, and we’ve also tried to emphasize the importance of accessibility, the need to make digital (and other) environments as usable as possible to the widest range of people possible. In a combination of these two topics, a couple of weeks ago, I drew your attention to the handy-dandy WordPress Accessibility Plugin, an almost-all-in-one tool for making your WordPress installs more accessible. Just this week, I saw the following announcem…


Open Thread Wednesday: Digital Accessibility Hacks?

Here at ProfHacker, it’s not secret that we’re big fans of WordPress, the free and open-source software for creating and managine web sites. We’ve also written several posts about accessibility over the years. Recently, one of my collaborators, James Smith (@jgsmith), made me aware of the WordPress Accessibility Plugin, which I haven’t had time to test out, yet. The associated description, however, sounds promising:

This plug-in helps correct a variety of common accessibility problems in WordPre…


Access Keys: A WordPress Plugin to Improve Accessibility

Over the past two years, Dr. Williams and I have been working on research concerning accessible design and digital resources. Accessible design is what makes it possible for people with disabilities to use digital resources as fully as people without disabilities do. Just over a year ago, I started development on a few plugins for Omeka, the content management system for scholarly collections (and a ProfHacker favorite). My goal has been to create plugins that would make it easy for administrato…