Teaching Carnival 4.10

Here at ProfHacker, we devote about one-third of our posts (and our time) to teaching-related issues and activities. Our posts have covered, among other things, pedagogy, students, colleagues, tips, tricks, books, and lectures. We understand the importance of teaching in higher education. Nevertheless, we are not the only ones who understand it. At ProfHacker, we believe in collaboration in and the sharing of knowledge. Therefore, each month, we publish a roundup of links around the web, links devoted to teaching in higher education. These are the Teaching Carnivals. [You can find previous carnivals on Teaching Carnival's home page. ]

This month the posts are wide ranging. Let’s get started.

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Classroom / Syllabus Policies


Graduate Students
At ProfHacker, we focus most of our teaching-related posts on the teaching of undergraduates. This month, a few interesting posts surfaced about the teaching of graduate students:

In the Classroom

Delaney Kirk and her students conducted a few interviews in May.

Teacherly / Professional Personae

  • Derek Mueller at Earth Wide Moth uses a clip of President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondent’s Dinner to explore being “Too Professional.”
  • A Ianqui in the Village explores the efficacy of spending money on coffee to maintain professional relationships in “Kaffee Klatch.”
  • Ellen Bremen, at Chatty Prof, provides a response when students are frustrated with their professors in, “Frustrated With Your Professor? (Or Anyone?) Try an ‘I.‘ “
  • Liana Silva, in a University of Venus column at Inside Higher Education, explains why she’s leaving academia in, “What are You Teaching Next Semester?

At the end of each semester, professors must contend with grading.




Interesting Classroom Uses
While we are not linking to specific posts, these three websites are interesting and often have many provocative links, websites, images, videos, or theories that are useful in a classroom:

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For the end of a semester (with all the finals, grading, meetings, commencement), this is quite a bit of blogging. Good job, everyone! But we probably missed a few links.

How about you? Do you have any last minute links you’d like to add to this month’s carnival? Did we miss your work? If we don’t know about you, we can’t link to you. So, let us know what you are up to in the classroom. You can easily have one of your blog posts about teaching in higher education included in an issue of the teaching carnival by doing any or all of the following:

  1. Email the next host directly with the address to the permalink of your blog post, and/or
  2. Tag your post in Delicious (or Diigo or other bookmarking service) with teaching-carnival.

Olivera Jokic will compile teaching-related posts for Teaching Carnival 4.11. You can reach her via email ( Keep in mind, that if you don’t send us your posts, we might miss them. So send them on! Lastly, if you are interested in hosting a future Teaching Carnival, please contact Billie Hara ( / @billiehara) for information.

[Image by Kat. B. and used under the Creative Commons license.]

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