Teaching with Wikipedia? The Wiki Education Foundation Wants to Help!

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I’ve written a number of ProfHacker articles on integrating Wikipedia into your classroom, such as this post on tips and tricks for teaching with Wikipedia and how to organize your own Wikipedia edit-a-thon. One of the biggest obstacles most instructors report facing, however, is simply learning how to use Wikipedia to the point where one feels comfortable enough to teach with it.

If this describes you, The Wiki Education Foundation wants to help. This separate arm of the Wikimedia foundation is devoted entirely to educators who want to use Wikipedia in their classrooms. Send them an email at contact[at]wikiedu[dot]org, and they’ll provide you with an abundance of resources–such as a dedicated Wikipedia editor who will help monitor your students’ content and give them feedback, show you how to create a Wikipedia course page (which isn’t entirely intuitive), and train you to use their new Assignment Design tool, which allows you to monitor your students’ edits along with a host of other useful features.

Additionally, if you’re on the West Coast, the wonderful Jami Mathewson and LiAnna Davis of the Wiki Education Foundation are hosting a number of introductions to Wikipedia for instructors (UC Davis March 13, U Oregon March 19, Oregon State March 19, UCLA March 31, UC Riverside April 1). And if you’re not, Jami and LiAnna are running a free open webinar on teaching with Wikipedia on Tuesday, March 17, 1-1.30pm PST.

With all these resources at hand, integrating Wikipedia into your teaching will be much less of a daunting task. If you’re going to or have used the Wiki Education Foundation’s resources, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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