THATCamps Ahoy!

Next week, two THATCamps will take place in two different locations, with some online overlap: THATCamp CHNM and THATCamp LAC. THATCamp = “The Humanities And Technology Camp,” an unconference first organized by the Roy Rozenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. Jennifer Howard wrote a nice Chronicle article last year about unconferences in academia. Even if you’re not attending, I encourage you to follow along (and perhaps participate) online:

  • Follow the Twitter stream by keeping track of the hashtag #THATCamp and,
  • Check out the session ideas already being discussed here and here.

We’re no strangers to THATCamp here at ProfHacker. Jason and I first started talking about the idea that would become ProfHacker while attending THATCamp 2009. Since that time, THATCamps have been organized at many different locations, from Paris to Saigon and at several points in between. Amy wrote about attending Great Lakes THATCamp 2010. Natalie covered THATCamp Texas 2011. A number of us here have been involved in planning regional THATCamps. Ryan and Erin have worked on putting together next week’s THATCamp LAC, Ethan was an organizer of Great Lakes THATCamp 2010, and Brian helped organize THATCamp Southeast 2011.

As it turns out, most of us here at ProfHacker will be attending one of the two events next week, so stay tuned for our posts about the experience.

How about you? Will you be at one of next week’s THATCamps? Or have you attended in the past? What are your thoughts? Let’s hear from you in the comments!

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