The Agenda Calendar App for iOS

EssentialsEven though iOS ships with a functional calendar, few people seem happy with it. Calendar apps are plentiful on iTunes, but most of them are limited by their attempt to remediate paper calendars.

Perhaps perversely, one of the best calendar apps that’s available right now is Agenda, which looks as close to an old-fashioned DayTimer or FiloFax as possible. Agenda has several great qualities: it’s fast, it focuses only on information you are likely to need (i.e., appointments), and a nifty gesture-based interface. (Swiping left-to-right takes you from viewing a single day, to a month, to a year; swiping right-to-left drills back down into day view.)

Here’s a video of how it works:

Agenda – A Better Calendar for iOS with Today’s Date from Ken Yarmosh on Vimeo.

A few notes: Agenda uses the iOS calendar syncing functionality, rather than its own. So, rather than set up the calendars in the app, you do so in the iOS device’s Settings. Also, as the video shows, it comes with a badge that displays the number of events on the home screen, but it’s easily turned off in the app’s settings. Agenda also lets you return to today by double-tapping the status bar, which is very helpful after you’ve been browsing your calendar, looking for open meeting times.

Also, if you are someone who color-codes types of events on your calendar (because why wouldn’t you want *more* ways to fiddle with your setup?), then you’ll need to decide whether you care about the fact that Agenda does not reflect those colors in its default interface:

Agenda screenshot

I don’t mind this, both because the information is captured in the day view, and also because I’m awfully fond of the month view’s representation of the colors:

Agenda screenshot

Agenda has been out for several months as an iPhone/iPod Touch app, but last week released version 2.0, which adds support for the iPad. (Landscape view only though, if that matters to you.) The app is currently $.99 on the iTunes App Store to mark the universal release. It’s worth a look!

If you use one–on any device–what’s your favorite calendar app? Let us know in comments!

Photo by Flickr user JacQuLyne / Creative Commons licensed

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