The Humanist CFP Browser for iOS Devices

calendarThe path from “hey, that conference announcement looks interesting” to “woot! abstract submitted!” can be a difficult one. It can drive a a person to distraction, or at least to setting up complex task-management systems.

To address this problem, Adrian Zandberg has written Humanist, a simple, handy iPhone app for tracking CFPs from the various H-Net mailing lists.

Zandberg calls Humanist a CFP browser, and it’s true that when you open the app you are presented with a list of recent CFPs. But it also lets you search CFPs, to save searches, and to save individual results. Humanist also parses CFP announcements for dates, which you can then add to your calendar with a tap. This is all very straightforward, as these screenshots show:

Humanist interface

Click for full size

Zandberg says via e-mail that this version is “still a bit beta,” and so suggestions are welcome. Features already on the way include social sharing via Facebook and Twitter. For me, entering something into my calendar is like a little promise: I am going to be here at this time. (Or, perhaps more frequently, “My 9yo will be at this place at this time, and one of us has to get him there.”) If I start putting things into my calendar that I’m not firmly committed to doing or attending, then things go haywire pretty fast. Something I’m interested in, but haven’t yet locked in to attending, belongs somewhere else. So I’d like to be able to add CFPs to other apps–for example, Evernote or Omnifocus. And while social-network sharing is good, e-mail sharing is also a must. In addition to facilitating sharing with folks not on Twitter (I know, right?), that also gets you integration with Evernote and related apps.

Humanist is a free download on the app store. If H-News lists address your disciplinary needs, and you have an iOS device, why not check it out?

Photo “In With The New (January 1/8)” by Flickr user Creative Commons licensed BY-ND-2.0

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