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Launched in September of 2010, Digital Humanities Questions & Answers is a joint venture of the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) and ProfHacker. (See Julie Meloni’s launch announcement.)

Digital Humanities Questions and Answers (@DHAnswers on Twitter) is designed to be a free resource where anyone with an interest in the digital humanities can pose a question to the community of folks working in the field.

Since we last checked in with the site, many interesting threads have been launched and several “best answers” have been provided. Below, I’ve provided links to a few of the threads with best answers:

  • Founding staff for a new DH Center? “If you were charged with such a task–as perhaps you have been–what would be your priorities–especially in terms of staffing the center–in the first year? Would you most want a project manager? Designer? Programmer?”
  • Resources/Strategies for teaching coding or programming to grad students? “Does anyone know of any resources for teaching a short unit of a larger DH course on programming for graduate students? I’d like students to have basic skills in HTML/CSS/Python – but maybe that’s asking too much. Any strategies?”
  • Is anyone using the RBMS/ACRL vocabularies Binding Terms or Type Evidence? “I’m especially interested in using the vocabularies ‘Binding Terms’ and ‘Type Evidence’ to describe and classify book bindings and typefaces within my digital edition project.”
  • What’s the best way to publish a technical book for humanists? “We’re thinking about just publishing [our proposed book] for free as a web-based version that we can expand and update at will, while offering a self-published print copy from a print-on-demand publisher for people who want to learn from ‘a book.’”
  • TEI Basic Tags “I’m working on an ongoing research project at my school where I will be encoding in TEI. I was just curious if anyone had a list of standard TEI tags, and specifically tags for SmallCaps, Hyphens, and M-lines.”
  • TEI sample collections needed “We’d like to point to freely available, well formatted TEI texts online (poetry, prose). Where is the best URL to send people?”

In addition to the above questions with “best answers,” check out the discussions taking place in response to these questions:

If you’re a newcomer to the site and in need of a primer, check out “How can I find answers, get my questions answered, & help DHanswers grow?

Whether you’re just “DH-curious” or are someone working in the field with either a question to ask or expertise to lend, you should give DHAnswers a try!

[Creative Commons-licensed flickr photo by Dennis Brekke]

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