The ProfHacker Podcast, Episode 2: Back to School

microphoneThe preposterously easy-to-use Google+ Hangouts, which among other features, allows you to record video directly to YouTube, has lowered the barrier to entry enough to allow for the creation of a ProfHacker podcast. (Technically, this is the *return* of the ProfHacker podcast, as there was an “episode 1″ three years ago, featuring Merlin Mann, but three years is a pretty long break, even by academic standards.)

In this installment, Amy, Brian, Jeff, Natalie, Ryan and I discuss back-to-school: what we’re doing to get ready, what we’d like to be different this year, and so forth:

(You can grab the audio file of the podcast here.)

It’s a first effort, so there’s, um, room for growth, but hopefully it’s interesting to folks. And while it’s foolhardy to make public promises after a single instance, we’re currently scheduled to be back in two weeks to talk about syllabuses, apps, and more.

ProfHacker posts mentioned in this episode include:

Photo IMG_3992.jpg by Flickr user swruler / Creative Commons licensed BY-2.0

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