Three Resources for Writing Letters of Recommendation

Letter to Santa (back)

In addition to the work that flows naturally from a course–things like preparing, organizing the class, meeting with students, and grading–teaching also almost invariably involves an unrelated kind of work: writing letters of recommendation. On the one hand, these often come in bunches at very specific times (for graduate schools, for jobs, for education programs, for scholarships, etc.), and so, in the moment, can feel a bit overwhelming. And sometimes, it can be a little surprising who asks you for a letter.

On the other hand, writing letters of recommendation can be very fulfilling, as you look back over a student’s work, and reflect on the fact that they trust you to help them to further their goals.

Keeping that latter perspective uppermost in mind, perhaps, here are three resources for writing letters of recommendations:

Do you have favorite resources for writing letters of recommendation? Let us know in comments!

Photo “Letter to Santa (back)” by Flickr user magma666 / Creative Commons licensed

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