Two Reasons Why We Love Our Readers

Reason number 1: Last month, Jason daydreamed about possible pedagogical uses for ChatRoulette. A web-based app where student writing is evaluated by peers in a ChatRoulette-like way, he writes, “could be a fascinating way to think about one of the most distressing pedagogical problems I face: How to improve the paper that’s technically fine, but terminally boring.” Well, reader Jeff Lang says his team has built just such an app in response to Jason’s post. Excellent!

Reason number 2: If you use the web browser Firefox and you’d like a quick-and-easy way to search the ProfHacker archives, then reader Candace Nast has something for you. She’s created a Firefox search plugin that works specifically with out site. Candace writes, “Now when I need to find something on ProfHacker, I tool over to my browser search bar (using Ctrl+k / Cmd+k), choose ProfHacker from the list of available search engines, enter my query, and I’m off.” Huzzah! Of course, any changes that might come to our site in the future might break this plugin (I’m not sure exactly how flexible such a thing is), but I guess we’ll just cross that bridge when we come to it.

[Creative Commons licensed Flickr photo by Noël Zia Lee]

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