Weekend Reading: Bring on the Madness Edition



It’s Friday, ProfHackers–we’ve made it through another week. Do you have a bracket? Is it busted? Already?

I came across a post this week titled “A Parents’ Guide to All That Ed Tech in the Classroom: What to ask when your school says the iPads are coming.” Obviously intended for parents, this post is actually a helpful starting point for anyone who is considering incorporating more technology into an educational environment, whether parent, student, faculty member or administrator.

From Salon: ”Ashley Judd is pressing charges against misogynist trolls who threatened her over sports.” And not only is she pressing charges, she has also written an Op-Ed for Mic: “Forget Your Team, Your Online Violence Towards Girls and Women Is What Can Kiss My Ass.”

The CEO of Starbucks decided this week that his baristas should begin discussing race with customers as part of a new campaign called #RaceTogether. Gawker has printed the memo which went out to employees. From CNN: “What the Starbucks #RaceTogether Campaign Missed.” Apparently, it missed a lot: “Starbucks SVP Deletes Twitter Account After  Actual Minorities Ask Him About Race.”

An interesting piece in The New Yorker about Sinéad O’Connor’s relationship with her most famous single: “Nothing Compares to Sinéad.

Also from The New Yorker, a piece about the politics of higher education and the University of North Carolina: “Ayn Rand Comes to UNC.”

Did you know that Baltimore Raven John Urschel is also a published mathematician?

Because we do not have enough baby platypus videos:

[Creative Commons licensed image by Flickr user Steve Johnson].

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